5 Cleaning Products to Make Instead of Buy

As you probably know, Claudia and I love choosing cleaner, nontoxic options for our homes, whether that is food, perfume, or cleaning products. A bonus is saving money in the process. Most of the time, anything ‘clean’, ‘organic’ or ‘nontoxic’ are MORE expensive. When our budgets started ballooning with the current market, we started making our own cleaning products and haven’t looked back. Turns out you can make nontoxic cleaners and scrubs at home for a fraction of the price compared to their store bought counterparts.

The biggest reason why these homemade cleaners are so inexpensive is because there is a lot of overlap. We use a lot of the same nontoxic ingredients for all of these ‘recipes’ because it saves money and why buy a bunch of things you will only use once? Things like white distilled vinegar, Castile soap, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda are all you will need.

Soft Scrub

Get gentle yet effective scrubbing power from a homemade soft scrub. You just need baking soda and castile soap! Easy Peasy. Read our full tutorial here.


Foaming Hand Soap

With Castile Soap, water and a foaming soap pump, you too can make your own soap at home. Read our full tutorial here.

Side view of foaming hand soap pump filled with soap made from castile soap and essential oils.


Miracle Cleaning Potion

An inexpensive, powerful, non-toxic miracle cleaning solution that will work all over your house. Dawn Dish Soap and Vinegar really are the dream team. It stinks, but we love it because IT WORKS. Read our full tutorial here.

homemade miracle cleaner in spray bottle


Homemade Dryer Sheets

Make your own dryer sheets at home with coffee filters, vinegar (yes, vinegar!) and essential oils. I know we use our coffee filters for LOTS of different things, this one is close to the top of the list. Read our full tutorial here.


Oxygen Bleach

Homemade Oxygen Bleach is the laundry stain remover you didn’t know you needed. Made from two simple, nontoxic ingredients for pennies, we will show you just how easy it is to make and use Oxygen Bleach. Read our full tutorial here.

hydrogen peroxide in spray bottle and washing soda in jar


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