A Sprinkles Hack That Will Blow Your Mind

Make your birthday and celebration cakes look more professional with this simple tip! Up your sprinkles game by making your own sprinkle mix!

overhead photo of frosted chocolate cake on cake pedestal with colored sprinkles

A Simple Tip That Makes a Big Impact

This is going to be a very short and sweet post but one I think worth the 1-minute to read and it has to do with SPRINKLES! As in the sprinkles you would use after you’re frosted a cake or cupcakes.

As a home baker, I have always made my kids’ birthday cakes. For the past sixteen years, its just what I have done. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks for baking and frosting an incredible cake, but what about the sprinkles? I’ve always wanted professional looking cakes, but what are the ways to do that? I’ve shared a lot of my tips here in this blog post, but this simple tip for the sprinkles really elevated all my cakes and made a real difference.

Make Your Own Sprinkles Mix

Instead of buying and using one kind of sprinkle, we’re going to buy two or three kind of shapes and sizes of sprinkles, but with the same colors/color palate. For the example in this post, I used rainbow sprinkles for a birthday cake and cupcakes.

  • Rainbow “confetti” sprinkles (flat and round)
  • Rainbow star sprinkles (small stars)
  • Rainbow nonpareils (tiny dots)

We will take equal parts of each kind of rainbow sprinkle and mix them together in a bowl. Then sprinkle onto your cake or cupcakes and see just how much better it looks than just one kind of sprinkle. It’s a really small thing makes a big difference!

vanilla cupcakes frosted with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles with colored sprinkles

While you can buy different premade sprinkles mixes at the store, feel free to make your own with the sprinkles you already have on hand OR head to Joann or Michael’s to gather your own sprinkles to make your own mix for whatever party you have coming up next!


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