Boys Gift Guide

boys gift guide photo collage

If you have some boys you need to shop for, never fear, Lauren is here! As you may already know, I have three boys that I shop for and from everything they’ve been telling me, this list is where its at. Hope it can help give you new ideas for those loved ones you are shopping for this year.

  1. Comfy Hoodie because my boys are consistently always in hoodies and cozy clothes.
  2. Nike Tennis Shoes– really comfy and (I think?!) still in style
  3. Gatorade Water Bottle– my boys love the cheap ones…and so does my wallet. Lol.
  4. DomeDock Hat holder– this is more for my sanity so we don’t have baseball hats all over the house.
  5. Magnetic Marble Run– great for my two youngest who love this kind of stuff.
  6. PicassoTiles– like the cheap version of magnatiles. Bought two of these sets already!
  7. Voice Changer-really really fun.
  8. Stomp Rocket– all my boys have loved having these!! Also makes great gifts for friends.
  9. Boomerang– like a frisbee but cooler
  10. 3D Printing Pen– this thing is super cool and not as expensive as I would have thought.
  11. Whistle Football-we can never have enough of these around the house! They are smaller than a regular football, so easier to throw and enjoy.
  12. Instax Mini-a really creative and fun gift for boys.
  13. Soccer Ball Rebounder Net– my soccer obsessed boys are very excited to potentially get this from Santa this year.
  14. Gear Bots Lego-its building bots that actually are cool and do things
  15. Supersonic Lego Jet Plane– this is a 3 in 1, meaning its one set but you can build three things with it.
  16. Crocs– I don’t understand the croc trend, but its caught on and my boys are obsessed.
  17. What do you Meme– a really fun game for kids 8+
  18. Binoculars– getting these for Porter!
  19. Wings of Fire-my oldest loves these plus the graphic novels!

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