Bake Better Bread

There is nothing better than fresh, warm bread. But, many people don’t know how or they DO know how but are too intimidated to try. Enter Brash Bread School. Lauren and Claudia are here to help you learn how to make the most delicious cinnamon rolls, pizzas, artisan loaves and more in a simple and approachable way. Sign up for a virtual class and get the party started. Recipes and instruction included.

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Cinnamon Roll Recipes

Access to our previous virtual class PLUS our amazing cinnamon roll recipe and all the delicious variations.


Claudia & Lauren

Claudia + Lauren are two friends with nine kids combined. They like to work smarter, not harder in every aspect of their lives and have gotten pretty good at it. They are passionate about helping parents in all areas of life- from saving money to teaching baking classes- they are in it to help.

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