DIY Soft Scrub

Did you know you can make a gentle yet hardworking, CLEAN soft scrub at home with two simple ingredients? THAT’S RIGHT. Make your own DIY Soft Scrub with our quick and easy recipe.

An Easy DIY Solution

We are no strangers to making our own cleaning products. Our Miracle Cleaning Potion is at the top of our list with our Oxygen Bleach and this DIY Soft Scrub. We love making our own cleaners and soaps because its much more cost efficient, plus anytime we DON’T have to go to the store is a win. Because this is homemade and only requires two ingredients, you can make a small batch on demand as you need it or a big batch to use month after month.

Clean Ingredients

One of the best parts of this homemade soft scrub is you only need two ingredients to make it! And both ingredients are CLEAN.

  • 1 part Baking Soda-I like to buy the bigger boxes or bags from Walmart or Costco.
  • 1 part Castile Soap– the cheapest I’ve found is at Walmart. Dr. Bronner’s is the name brand castile soap, but there are plenty of other, less expensive options out there.

How to Make Soft Scrub

To make our super simple soft scrub, you will simply stir 1 part of baking soda together with 1 part of castile soap. Stir together until it’s the consistency of white school glue. A little certainly goes a long way! The baking soda is a gentle, scratch-free abrasive and the Castile soap is strong enough to tackle grime and grease. Use it all over your house. 


Our Favorite Way to Use this DIY Soft Scrub

While you can use this soft scrub anywhere in your home, these are our favorite ways to use it:

  • bathtubs- when plain cleaner won’t cut it
  • countertops- great for a little soap scum around the sink
  • shower walls- our soft scrub with a scrub daddy works wonders on hard water stains
  • sinks- again, really great for getting rid of soap scum IN the sink
  • tiles-whether its on your floor or in your shower, this is a great way to clean those wall or floor tiles!
  • porcelain toilets- get rid of stubborn rings with this soft scrub, some elbow grease and our favorite toilet scrubber.

Video Tutorial

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