Dyeing Easter Eggs with Coffee Filters

It’s the smarter, not harder method for dyeing Easter eggs-no special tools required! All you need are a few washable markers, some coffee filters and hard boiled eggs.

Overhead shot of dyed Easter eggs.

The Mess-Free Way to Dye Easter Eggs

If you love to dye Easter eggs, or you really don’t want to dye Easter eggs but your kids are bugging you about it, THIS IS THE METHOD for you. It’s nearly mess free and so so easy. All you need are coffee filters and washable markers. And technically some water and a little white vinegar.

You Just Need Coffee Filters and Markers

Main Items Needed

The list of items needed is really small because this method is quick and simple. Here are the basics:

Overhead photo of a stack of white coffee filters and washable markers.
  • White Coffee Filters– we find the white ones are best because for the kids, you can see the colors easier than say on a recycled, brown filter.
  • Washable Markers– since we have kids in school, we always have a ton of Crayola markers all around the house.
  • Rubber Bands/Elastics– this is what will secure the coffee filter to the egg.
  • White Vinegar– this will help the color from the markers stay bright and stick to the egg.
  • Water– this will help transfer the color from coffee filter to egg
  • Sponge Paint Brushes-we painted the eggs to transfer the color using these because they held a lot of the water and vinegar mixture, making quick work of it.
  • Muffin Tins (optional)- these make a great landing place for your ‘painted’ eggs.


How to Dye Easter Eggs with Coffee Filters

Before you begin, be sure to hard boil your eggs so you are ready to go! Also, things can get messy real quick if you’re using raw eggs. Let’s work smarter, not harder and use hard boiled eggs.

Step 1: Color on the Coffee Filters with Markers

Using those washable markers, color the coffee filters. You can scribble, you can draw pictures, you can create blocks of color-honestly the sky is the limit. The more color the better! We found the color transfer worked the best with blocks of color, but all our kids didn’t seem to care.

Step 2: Wrap Each Egg in the Colored Coffee Filters

Place one hard boiled egg in the center of the colored coffee filter and gather the sides up and around the egg, so all the sides of the egg are touching the colored coffee filter. Secure with a rubber band, an elastic or a hair tie. We had these clean plastic hair ties, so that is what we used. They worked perfectly.

Step 3: Paint with Vinegar + Water Mixture

Mix 1 cup of cold water together with 2 teaspoons of white distilled vinegar. This is the solution that will transfer the color from the filter to the egg. Using sponge brushes, paint the coffee filters until they are completely wet.

Step 4: Air Dry and Unwrap

We like to store the wet eggs in muffin tins so there isn’t color transfer from egg to egg AND so they are easy to transfer from table to counter. Sit 10-15 minutes, rinse and air dry. Alternately, you can wait until the eggs and coffee filters are completely dry (2-3 hours), unwrap and enjoy.

Helpful Hints

We find that if you want yellows and oranges to be brighter and not run into the darker colors, paint them first before your darker colors. This will help prevent color mixing and keep those lighter colors bright. If you have older kids who care, this is a great rule of thumb. Start with the lighter colors, then work your way over to the darker colors. Younger kids probably won’t care. the most important thing is to have fun!

Other Methods for Coloring Easter Eggs

Video Tutorial


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