Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Boys

Easter is just around the corner, and we’ve scoured the internet for practical, budget-friendly Easter basket gift ideas. This round-up includes non-candy items as well as items to have plenty of fun in the sun!

Easy Easter Basket Fillers

No need to fret about what to put in your Easter baskets! We’ve got your back. We like to keep things simple, so we like to put items in their baskets that we would be buying anyway. Of course, these are just recommendations, but we kinda like them!

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  1. Plaid Long-Sleeved Button Up Shirt – We love giving our kids new Easter outfits for church, and this is the cutest button up shirt!
  2. Polka Dot Tie – Along with the new shirt comes a new tie! Polka dots pair excellently with the plaid on the shirt. If you’d rather have a bow tie, we like this one and this one.
  3. Parachute Toys – Endless hours of entertainment… Trust us.
  4. Dinosaur Pajamas – Wait, dinosaurs for Easter? Well, if you look more closely, you’ll see those dinosaurs are wearing Easter bunny ears!
  5. UNO No Mercy – We recently bought this game and LOVE it.
  6. Go-Kart Legos – Need we say more? These are so fun!
  7. Mini Gliders – Fly high with these fun gliders! Perfect for indoor and outdoor fun!
  8. Stretchy Strings – These are perfect for fidgeting! Super stretchy which means super fun!
  9. Sporty Sunglasses – Bring on the sun with these macho man sunglasses!
  10. Poplin Button Down Shirt – Think comfortable yet casual enough to have fun yet dressed-up enough to look nice.
  11. Splat the Cat – Our kids love anything to do with Pete the Cat, and this book has fun flaps too!
  12. Spiderman Coloring Book – The superhero in your life will love this book! Added bonus: It’s got lotsa stickers!
  13. Bubble Gun – Fun in the sun isn’t complete unless there’s massive amounts of bubbles!
  14. Bluey Family Figurines – Bluey is life!
  15. Wings of Fire Book Set – Imagination really takes off with these books!

More Ideas – Honorable Mentions

Here’s a few more ideas, just in case!
Writing tablet
Pop tubes
Mini bunny squishies
Pete the Cat and the Easter Basket Bandit
Easter party cups

Other Gift Round-Ups

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