Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Girls

Easter is just around the corner, and we’ve scoured the internet for practical, budget-friendly Easter basket gift ideas. This round-up includes non-candy items as well as items to have plenty of fun in the sun!

Easy Easter Basket Fillers

No need to fret about what to put in your Easter baskets! We’ve got your back. I have 5 girls at home, so I’m pretty well-versed with what to put in baskets, but I like to stick to practical items. To me, Easter is simple and a chance to put items in their baskets that I would be buying anyway. Of course, you do you, boo!

Round-Up of Easter Basket Ideas

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  1. Easter Pajama Set – Who wouldn’t want new pajamas? These are incredibly adorable and there’s more styles available!
  2. Personalized Sunglasses – Welcome bright sunny Spring days with the sweetest sunglasses. Seriously, too cute!
  3. Lip Smacker Lippy Pals – What girl doesn’t love lip balm? Even at 40, I’m still in love with it! These Lippy Pals are just too cute to handle.
  4. White Sandals – Easter is the perfect time to get your little one some new church sandals! I always opt for white because it goes with so many different dresses!
  5. Marbled Flower Claw Clip – Claw clips have made a come back, and these scream SPRING!
  6. Pink Gingham Dress – A new Easter dress is a MUST and gingham just speaks to my soul! It’s so fun and feminine! This dress is also a cute option!
  7. Bunny Bubble Blower – What’s more fun than BUBBLES? They make everything more magical, including Easter!
  8. Pink Striped Swimsuit – New swimsuits are a must, so why not get them for Easter? #worksmarternotharder I loved the stripes on this one as well as the ruffles down the sides!
  9. Straw Bunny Purse – Every girl NEEDS a purse to go with her new outfit!
  10. Ice Hopper – Did you ever have one of these as a kid? I sure did, but I called it a Skip It! I would spend hours jumping around with it! They’re so much fun and make for an awesome outdoor toy!
  11. Squishy Pens – I love sets like this because I can buy one pack, but split it amongst three Easter baskets. Remember how I have 5 girls? Gotta get creative while staying in a budget! I guarantee all of my girls ages 7-16 would love these!
  12. Reusable Water Balloons – Ummm, the title says it all! Gone are the days of finding little rubber pieces of balloons in your yard… These can be used over and over again!
  13. Pink Sandals – Just like swimming suits, my kids need new sandals every year, so these will be going in their Easter baskets! I love rubber sandals like this for every day wear because they’re durable, easy to clean, and can slip on and off with ease.
  14. Satin Bow – These are so cute I’m going to slip one into my own Easter basket! They’ll be the perfect complement to your little one’s new Easter dress!
  15. Glitter Sidewalk Chalk – Sidewalk chalk is fun but GLITTER sidewalk chalk is the bomb {dot} com! Sparkles give me life!
  16. Lego Easter Book – We’re big Lego fans, and this is a fun way to also slip in a little reading action too!

More Ideas – Honorable Mentions

Here’s a few more ideas, just in case!
* Cutest gingham bunny hair clips
* Glow in the Dark Stretchy Strings
* Writing tablet
* Shimmer markers
* Pop tubes
* Mini bunny squishies
* Heart scalloped sunglasses
* Pete the Cat and the Easter Basket Bandit
* Easter party cups

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