Frost a Cake Like a PRO!

Frost your cakes with ease with these simple tips. From birthday cakes to other celebration cakes, use these three tricks for more professional results. You too can frost your cake like a pro!

icing round chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

From One Home Baker To Another

If you’re a home baker, read on! I’m a home baker too that has made many many cakes for my kids. Some have failed and some have been better than others. Through the years, I’ve come up with some simple methods that really help make the process so much easier! I’m passing this information along so you can have success with

icing round chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Frost Your Cake Like a Pro!

While I’m not adding any recipes in with this post, I want you to understand that a recipe will only get you so far! Most of these tips will work, regardless of the recipe you are using. So, lets get started!

1. Best Frosting Consistency

When frosting a cake, you want to ensure your frosting is not too thick and not too runny. Room temperature butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk (or heavy cream) are the basic ingredients for frosting. The liquid is what will vary and give you the consistency you’re looking for! After you’ve whipped it up, use a butter knife to test. There are two guidelines to look for: (1) You should be able to run your butter knife easily through the smooth frosting and (2) when you stick the butter knife directly into the middle of the frosting, it should stand up straight. The frosting should be thin enough to spread easily but thick enough to hold the butter knife up in it.

2. Freeze Your Cakes Before Frosting

This is an old trick of the trade! If you freeze your cakes before frosting, you will prevent crumbs from getting into the frosting. Wrap your completely cooked cakes up in plastic wrap and freeze until firm, 2-3 hours to overnight before frosting.

3. Start With the Top, Then Move Down the Sides

Once you have your frozen cakes and your frosting ready to go, its time to frost your cake! If you’re doing a stacked cake, you’ll add some filling all the way to the edges add the next layer and add more frosting. I add a big pile to the center and work it from the middle out to the edges and then down the sides. I find the cake much easier to frost if I finish the top first and take the extra frosting from the top edges and move it down the sides. Keep in mind that because the cakes are frozen the frosting will start to freeze as well.

4. Start With Too Much Frosting, Rather Than Not Enough

This is another crumb prevention technique I really like. Adding too much frosting to the cake and then smoothing and removing little by little is much easier than trying to prevent crumbs with little by little bits of frosting.

5. For a Smooth Finish, Add Another Layer

If you want a really professional finish on your cake, you may want to add an initial first layer of frosting that is relatively thin, freeze the entire cake, then add a second layer to smooth things out. This is optional, but it does really help!

6. Use Extra Frosting to Decorate

I love using the Wilton 1M tip to make large florets on the top of my cake or using it to add some borders around the top or bottom edges of the cake.

So, those are the simple tips you can use for frosting a cake like a PRO! Be sure to check out this post for how I bake flat cakes and this post about upping your sprinkles game.


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