Girl’s Gift Guide

collage of items for girls gift guide

If anyone knows girls, its Claudia. She’s got FIVE of them! These gift ideas are where its at when it comes to those little stinkers. Perfect for girls aged 5-12.

  1. Squishmallows– so soft and cozy!
  2. Mini Karaoke Machine– letting their inner divas come out!
  3. Caboodles Case– mini makeup case with makeup, jewelry, nail polish, or a little brush.
  4. Time Teaching Watch-because gifts can be educational too.
  5. Hover Soccer Balls– super fun soccer in the house!
  6. Beat the Parents– really fun competitive game for kids and parents. Obvi.
  7. AirFort– an inflatable fort that is ready in 30 seconds!
  8. Chocolate Pen– can I get one for me, too? Cutest idea.
  9. Pillow Bed– lounge anywhere with this cute and portable bed. Really great for sleepovers.
  10. Miniverse Make it Mini– cutest little mini food toys
  11. Projectogram– create your own photo flashlight. This would be a great gift for boys, too!
  12. Travel Case– used for jewelery, small toys, a little makeup, whatever.
  13. Barbie Fashionista– style Barbie’s hair however you want with this fun head.
  14. Creatto Kitty Cat– a light up kitty craft!
  15. Fuzzy Diary– comes with a lock, stickers and pen.
  16. Faux Fur Throw Blanket– if your girls love cozy things, this is a great choice!
  17. Jumprope– has beads, is adjustable and stays tangle free! Also, is $10.
  18. OllyBall– an indoor ball you can color. WHAT.
  19. Glitter Crocs– because every girl needs these!

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