How to Cut a Round Cake

Let’s work smarter, not harder to cut a stacked, round cake. Most people will cut a cake into wedges, but this isn’t the best way to go for a pretty, sturdy piece. Read on, friends for the best way to cut a round cake.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with parents that cut their round cakes into wedges, similar to how you would cut a pie. Heck, I even did that in my younger days when given the chance to cut a cake. But at a birthday party, a friend showed me this hack for cutting a layered, round cake and it blew my mind. It’s the ultimate smarter not harder hack and I think you’re going to love it- hence me writing a whole blog post about it.

This method is how caterers and bakers cut wedding cakes and boy oh boy is it a great trick.

How to Cut a Round Cake

Most store bought and homemade birthday cakes are 8- or 9-inch round stacked cakes. (I know I have four round 8-inch cake pans tucked away in my baking drawer for when I’m making a homemade cake. It’s just the standard size.) This method will for for a single layer, a double layer or a triple layered cake. Just make sure you have a sharp knife before you begin.

Step 1: Cut Cake in Half

Using a shark knife, cut your cake in half completely across. This is what I would do normally if cutting the cake into wedges, but instead of doing wedges, we’re going to do this instead:

Step 2: Cut Cake into Long, Skinny Pieces- NOT Wedges

Using the middle line where the cake was already cut as a guide, we are going to slice 1.5-2 inch straight pieces to create these long, rectangular pieces.

While a cake this size will generally feed 8-10 people when cutting it into wedges, this method will give you smaller pieces (read: at least 12 slices) that are easier to serve and look much prettier on a plate. It’s a much more professional look which I totally dig.


Cutting a Larger Round Cake (12 inches+)

When it comes to a cake larger than 12 inches, we’re going to use the same general idea, but instead of cutting the cake straight down the middle, we will make two cuts that are parallel from each other to create three even sections of cake.

Then we will use the same method to create our even, rectangular slices by cutting 1.5-2 inch straight pieces.

*If your cake is larger than 16 inches, you may need to make three cuts to create four even sections. Depending how big or small you want your pieces OR how many people you need to feed can determine how many parallel cuts you will want to make before making the perpendicular cuts to create the slices of cake.

Overhead shot of 2 pieces of chocolate cake on plates

Smarter, Not Harder

If you have a celebration in your future, try this new method for how to cut a round cake! It’s a good one that will have all your friends amazed and thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”

It truly is the epitome of working smarter, not harder which is why we are sharing it today!

Pinterest collage of cutting a chocolate cake

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