Mr. Brash’s Favorites

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We’ve asked our husbands to write us a post all about their favorite things and they delivered! We love our respective husbands to pieces and wanted to have you get to know them a little more than you do now! They are wonderful.

Also, why are WE not on their list of favorite things? Ahem. Anyways, enjoy!

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Nate’s Favorites

1) Baseball – SF Giants to be exact
2) Pie- I love to make it. I love to eat it. I swear by The Book on Pie. (Interesting fact: Gordon and Lauren know the photographer of this book!)
3) Cole Haan shoes– very comfortable.
4) Hiking
5) My Trek Marlin 7– Gordon likes trucks, I like bikes.
6) Cannibal rollercoaster at Lagoon
7) Chinese food
8) New tools – I don’t have a brand loyalty, but I will always buy branded over non-branded. Some go-to’s are this Jigsaw and Circular Saw.
9) Playing games – Xbox, Switch, phone, board, or otherwise
10) I love playing jokes on people. It keeps life interesting and is way less boring.

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Gordon’s Favorites

  1. One Wheel Pint– because I’m basically a kid a heart.
  2. Dots Homestyle Pretzels– trust me on this. The Honey Mustard pretzels are the best!
  3. Samsung Frame TV– are they expensive? Yes. But do they look amazing? Also yes.
  4. PS4 game nights- someday it’ll be a PS5.
  5. Diamond Back SE Tonneau Cover– I don’t have this, but it’s at the top of my wishlist.
  6. Front Runner Rack System– I also don’t have this, but it’s up there AND compatible with tonneau cover.
  7. Friend get-togethers (just adults, as well as adults and kids)
  8. Apple Watch– super convenient and helpful tool. I’ve had the 45mm for years and love it.
  9. J. Crew Pants– I don’t really like shopping, so when I find something I like, I go with it. Hence why I own 5 pairs of these pants.
  10. Bellroy Wallet (Apex Slim Sleeve)– a really thin wallet with a magnet closure.

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