Neighbor Gift Ideas for Christmas

Claudia and I are so excited that we had a couple of neighbors move in, we went a little buck wild with these Christmas Neighbor Gift ideas. We have a lot of ideas, okay? And most of them revolve around food. (What else is new? Lol.) 

There are a few super easy (read: no bake!) ideas, but then also some simple ideas that really are all about the packaging. It’s a choose your own adventure! Use as much or as little brain power you want on this. Or, if its been A YEAR, just pick one and make it for yourself. Ain’t no shame in that game, either.

lady putting snack mix into bag

Helpful Gift Packaging Items

Before we begin, we thought we’d post some helpful items we used for packaging all these ideas up.

Great Neighbor Gift Ideas for the Holidays

homemade salsa in jar wrapped in bow

Homemade Salsa

I’m not sure if me giving homemade salsa would be considered weird, especially since I’m a little white girl, but I’m telling you blender salsa is the bomb! Throw it into a cute jar, add some ribbon and give it away with some tortilla chips. It’s a great, inexpensive option.

pancake mix, syrup and chocolate chips in separate jars for neighbor gift

Pancake Mix

This gift idea is all about the packaging! Pancake mix is easy to make (and even easier to buy.) Same with syrup and extra add-ins like mini chocolate chips. We used jars we already had around the house, but you can use whatever you’d like!

Zebra Popcorn

We most definitely bought this at the store because it’s like $1-2 each. Would it be cheaper to make a big batch at home? Absolutely. But we took the easy way out, bought it at the store and packaged it up in cellophane bags with cute ribbon.

To make it at home, you will airpop your popcorn kernels. Turn that into caramel corn (lots of recipes online), then drizzle with melted semi sweet and melted white chocolate.


There are a billion fudge recipes online as well as fudge kits at the grocery store! So many options! We ended up using a fudge kit because it was so dang easy and adding it to the cutest little mini baking sheet, covering it with cellophane and adding nice ribbon.

foaming handsoap in glass pump

Homemade Foaming Handsoap

If you’ve been here longer than 3 months, you will know we have a recipe for homemade hand soap on instagram. You just need castile soap, a cute hand soap pump and some ribbon to tie around the jar. It’s really a great gift and costs pennies. Our full tutorial can be found here.

Stovetop Potporri

I love a good smelling house and I think most people would agree. Give this super simple gift of clementines, fresh cranberries and cinnamon sticks. It’s a just add water situation that we LOVE! This is a great article that gives lots of options for making your own!

Santa Munch Mix

I think a lot of people call this Christmas trash, but I didn’t like that name, so Santa Munch Mix it is!! I completely underestimated how much we would like this. It was PHENOM. As in phenomenal. The peanuts, pretzels and M&M’s were my favorite part. Have you tried this before! Mama mia, SHE GOOD. This is the recipe I used, but reduced the chocolate chips to 22 oz (two bags) and added in peanuts.

Savory Munch Mix

My grandma called this nuts and bolts growing up and made a similar version. Do I have her recipe? No. So, I do what I can! This is a mix with cereals, crackers and nuts that are tossed in butter and spices and then baked low and slow. There are lots of recipes for this online. This is a great go-to option.

neighbor gift ideas on table

Dish Towel with Cutting Board

This is a gift we have shared in the past, but it never gets old! A cutie little cutting board with a dish towel, piece of eucalyptus with an optional kitchen utensil like a mini whisk or spatula. Tie it with cute ribbon or string and you’ve got a non-perishable gift!

Regardless of the gift you choose to make for yourself, your family or those neighbors you’re trying to appreciate, we hope these are really helpful. 

Is there something you gift to your neighbors every year? We’d love to hear about it!

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