Top 5 Products You Need in Your Home

There are probably a billion posts on the internet that list a bunch of products that everyone needs in their home, but our list is the REAL one with products that help you work smarter, not harder.

Melamine Sponges

Starting with the item that we probably use the most: a melamine sponge! Have you ever heard of it? It’s basically a magic eraser without all the added chemicals. It’s the freaking bomb dot com. Anywhere you use a magic eraser, you can use a melamine sponge. Get yours here.

Water Bottle Organizer

I’ve seen lots of different “hacks” online for keeping water bottles all over the home, from in the fridge to on the counter. But, getting this Water Bottle organizer is probably the smartest organization tool in my kitchen. It stores SO MANY water bottles and uses vertical space. Get one here.

Yeast Spoon

Have you ever heard of a yeast spoon? That’s what I thought! This small spoon is the perfect size: it measures 2 1/4 teaspoons (0.25 oz) which is the same amount found in a packet of active dry yeast. If you bake any kind of breads, this is the ultimate smarter not harder tool. Get one here.

Rolling Egg Tray

Move your eggs from the carton to this plastic tray. This egg dispenser for the refrigerator has a sloped design with higher sides and rounded corners allowing each egg to automatically roll forward harmlessly for an easy pick. Get yours here.

Photo Storage Boxes

Organize photographs, Craft Supplies, and office supplies with these thin, plastic containers. Snap-tight closures keep the contents secure, and protect your pictures or cards. Extra depth allows for storage of larger items. Get yours here.

So, to recap, we would recommend:

Melamine Sponge – a nontoxic cleaning solution.
Water Bottle Organizer – get those water bottles off the counter and into your cabinets or pantries.
Yeast Spoon – work smarter not harder with this simple measuring spoon.
Rolling Egg Dispenser – transfer those eggs from carton to plastic tray.
Photo Storage Boxes – organize your life with these inexpensive snap-close boxes.

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