Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Whole Family – 2024

We’ve carefully waded through all the things to bring you our select favorite items so you can give your loved ones the gifts they will absolutely in love with.

Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (like next week!) and if your heart is thumping to the max because you’re not sure what to get for your loved one, have no need to have a heart attack…. because we’ve got your back. There’s something for the whole family to enjoy, and even a little home decor items so you can feel the love in your humble abode.

1. Pink Birkenstocks – These are my all-time favorite shoes, and yes, I even wear them in the winter! This pink color is a total vibe and is a staple for any funky fresh wardrobe.
2. Monogrammed Ring Dish – Every woman needs a place to keep her rings safe. I have several because having more than one is a must!
3. Lighted Desk Vanity Mirror – Elevate putting on makeup with this mirror! It’ll make every woman feel like the queen that she is.
4. Ionic Facial Steamer – I personally have this steamer, and it is a miracle worker! It detoxifies, cleanses, and moisturizes your face leaving you with softest skin around town.
5. Heart Safety Pin Earrings – Weird name for earrings, but who cares?! These earrings are too adorable and a total statement piece.
6. Electric Tea Kettle – You all know I have a major crush on all of the Beautiful appliances over at Walmart, and this tea kettle is no exception! It comes in several different color options, but this muted blue caught my eye!

1. Coach Men’s Cologne – Nate wears this cologne and it is such a vibe. Totally worth the splurge!
2. Yeti Colster with Can Insert – Gordon swears by these colsters! They keep your drinks cold for hours PLUS the can insert is perfect for hiding candy in!
3. Magnetic Charging Station – Charge those electronics in style!
4. Microsuede Clog House Shoe Slippers – The softest slippers for around-the-house!
5. Ron Swanson Metal Tin Poster – Because it’s Ron-freaking-Swanson. Need I say more?

1. Magnetic Holding Hands Crew Socks – I’ve been wanting to get my girls these socks f.o.r.e.v.e.r. How cute are they?
2. LED Heart Lamp – Light up the room (and your kids’ hearts!) with this lamp!
3. Transformable Fidget Spinners – The perfect gift to keep your kiddos busy for hours!
4. Conversation Hearts Drop Earrings – These delightful earrings are sure to strike up a conversation with your child’s friends!
5. Plasma Heart – Light up your kids’ world with this Plasma Heart! It’s absolutely magical.
6. Quilted Pearl Headband – Accessorize for Valentine’s Day in fashion!
7. How to Catch a Loveosaurus – Have you read these books before? They’re my favorite, and I was over-the-moon excited when I saw this Valentine’s edition!
8. Pink Monster Squishmallow – Squishmallows are all the rage (my daughter has at least 7!) so why not add another one to the collection?

1. Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker – Because everything is cuter when it’s mini and heart-shaped, right? RIGHT!
2. Stoneware Heart Mug – Sip your morning cocoa with l.o.v.e. This is seriously the cutest little mug!
3. Heart Felt Envelope Garland – This sweet garland comes in a few different colors, so you can have your pick! But what’s really sweet is it comes with little envelopes for you to write heartfelt messages on!
4. Gold Heart Hands Statue – Share the love with this adorable statue! It’s so cute, I’d keep it up year round!
5. Dainty Hearts Table Runner – Add flair to your table with this table runner. It adds just the right of love to your home decor!
6. Wooden Heart Serving Platter – Serve those chocolate covered strawberries in style! This heart-shaped platter could be used all year round!

And there you have it! Our fave gifts this year! Hopefully it leaves you feeling loved and inspired!

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